What Is The American Shorthair Like As A Pet?

Friendly, easy going companions are a very basic "description" of this gentle breed.  They may be gentle with people and other animals but give an American Shorthair the right toy, then sit back and watch them go!  American Shorthairs enjoy being a part of current household happenings without insisting on being right in the middle of them.    Unlike our other breed, the Somali, an American Shorthair will patiently wait their turn - be it for affection, their favorite toy, or treat. Although they are a “low maintenance breed,” they love to be combed and look forward to their grooming sessions.

What Does The American Shorthair Look Like?

The American Shorthair began as America’s working cats on the streets, the farms, etc.  Through many years of selective breeding for health, temperament and appearance, the pedigreed American Shorthairs of today give the impression of a strong and sturdy cat with a sweet facial expression.  Our main focus is on the silver classic tabby.  However, we do occasionally have other colors available such as red tabby, silver patched tabby, brown tabby, blue tabby, and even solid black.


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