CH Zarpa's Zia of Gunsmoke

CH Gunsmoke's Colorado Kid



Gunsmoke's Porter Waggoner
(Shorthair Somali)
Since the Somali is essentially a longhaired Abyssinian, we are allowed to go back to our parent breed and use Abyssinians in our breeding program.  This is a good way for us to expand our gene pool and bring in some qualities to continue to improve both health and appearance in our bloodlines. When we breed an Abyssinian to a Somali, we will get all shorthaired kittens.  They look just like an Abyssinian to you and me but they carry the longhaired gene of a Somali.  When we breed a shorthaired Somali to a longhaired Somali, we will
get some longhaired and some shorthaired Somali kittens.  When we breed one of those longhaired Somalis to another longhaired Somali, we lock in the longhaired gene forever.

We sometimes have shorthair kittens for sale as pets. They are as gorgeous as a registered Abyssinian and they have wonderful temperaments, with that gregarious Aby/Somali personality!


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